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Despite our economic interests are increasingly interconnected  and our destiny as one human race is inextricably intertwined, we are witnessing  increasing  partisan divides. Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, more terrorist attacks and other form of intolerance show us a world incapable and unwilling to come together and realise we all inhabit the same planet. As Londoners we have a role to play.

Depending on which glass you look through, the white light at the centre of a Moroccan lamp reveals itself in a different colour. Men disagree, fight wars, kill and massacre in the name of religions and ideologies, because they want to force everyone else to see the light the way they do.  In politics, in academia, in business, even in sport, everywhere we turn, we see clusters of people with opposing interests ready to battle for their own ideas and their interests to prevail.

For far too a long time we have taken pride in focusing on our differences, on managing diversity. Yet, in London we seem to be able to live together. We live in a multiethnical, multifaith society that comes together as one.

We are global nomads, immigrants, children of diverse background we witness everyday how diverse people can come together in peace and harmony. That’s our normal way of life.

We are naturally drawn to finding out what we have in common rather than focusing on difference. We raise children in multiple languages and cultures, we speak several tongues often at the same time, without even realising it (till we get a puzzle stare) we partner and marry people from distant countries and traditions. For us this is our norm. As Londoners we must take a stand for the world to see that it’s possible to live and thrive beyond cultures.

Londoners must become the ambassadors of a global culture that actively seeks to bring people together.

At Thriving Beyond Cultures we believe that London has an important role to play to in our connected world.

As Londoners we are natural ambassadors of a world without borders: world that transcend the limitations imposed by focusing on differences.

Share your London story make your voice heard.

Help us make our shared Earth a safer place for our children and generations to come.